What Affects Your Auto Insurance Rates.

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In the current economic recession, everyone is very sensitive to price increases, including auto insurance premiums. To drive legally in California, all drivers must carry some form of auto insurance. The minimum in California is $15,000 for liability coverage for one person, with $30,000 for total exposure from an accident. We know from our experience that this amount is extremely insufficient.

What gauges your insurance cost is everything from your marital status to where you live, your age, how often you drive, etc. is taken into consideration by the insurance companies when determining how much your insurance premium is. Also, of course, your previous driving record. Accidents and driving under the influence of alcohol will mean that you will pay much more for auto insurance than if you have a clean driving record. Age is important, as young drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident, and therefore drivers under 25 pay much higher rates. The number of miles you drive is another factor. The more miles you drive per year, the insurance companies calculate, the greater the chance that you will be in an auto accident. Insurance companies even look at your credit rating to calculate whether or not they believe you will file a claim based on your past history of bankruptcies, payment history, length of credit histories, etc. If you’ve been in an accident or had a speeding ticket, you may find that your insurance premium is higher than the year before. The insurance company has decided that you have become a high-risk driver if you have accident claims or speeding or other driving infraction tickets. What happens is that fewer companies will accept you as an insured as they don’t want to take a chance based on their calculations of the chance that you will be in an accident and they will have to pay out on an insurance claim.

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