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Motor vehicle-related accidents are among the most common causes of accidental injury nationwide. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 6 million automobile accidents occur each year. Many of these cause injury to those who are involved. When an accident is due to negligence, a person may have grounds for a personal injury claim. Attorneys at The Law Offices of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP work with injury victims of car accidents to help them gain compensation. The following are some of the types of motor vehicle accidents claims for which we represent clients.

Buses are used for a wide range of purposes, including:

Bus drivers often work tight schedules, and those who operate commercially may drive long distances in a given day. The job of operating a bus is very taxing, and a tired driver is prone to make mistakes. Moreover, buses are inherently unstable. Given their height and narrowness, then are prone to turn over easily. Unlike automobiles and trucks, many municipal and school buses are not equipped with seat belts. Depending upon the specifics of the bus accident, the bus company, maintenance shop, school district, driver, manufacturer, or city government, among others, may be liable.

Streets and highways in California are becoming increasingly more crowded. Car accidents happen very easily as drivers switch lanes without signaling, speed, make turns into oncoming cars, etc. A recent phenomenon that has caused serious problems on the road is texting and talking on cell phones. The driver’s attention is thereby divided, and such distractions can lead to accidents causing injury, and even death. Moreover, despite severe penalties that are now in place, many drivers operate their cars while intoxicated. If you have been a victim of negligence, distracted driving, or a DUI driver it is important that you speak to a personal injury attorney.

Some car accidents occur because of defects in design or workmanship. Each year millions of cars are recalled for safety issues. Unfortunately, often such a recall occurs only after numerous serious accidents are reported. Among the parts of a vehicle that are commonly defective are tires, braking systems, airbags, accelerator pedals, and the chassis. In order to win a claim against a manufacturer generally it is necessary to prove that the part in question was defective, and that your injuries resulted from the defect.

Road conditions can put vehicle occupants and pedestrians in danger. The California Department of Transportation has the responsibility of maintaining state roads, and the U.S. DOT for interstate highways. Among the many hazards that lead to traffic accidents each year are:

Each year hundreds of pedestrians are killed on streets and roads in California. Children and elderly individuals are most at risk, but anyone can be a victim. Pedestrians always have the right of way in this state. That said, if a person crosses a street that is, for instance, clearly marked “no pedestrians,” they may be ticketed. Pedestrian accidents can be particularly dangerous, since the victim has virtually no protection. When a car or other motor vehicle strikes a person crossing the street, the pedestrian is almost certain to suffer injury. Generally the driver who hits the pedestrian will be held liable. That said, some pedestrian accidents occur without the involvement of a car or truck, such as where the roadway is potholed.

Rollovers can occur with most any type of motor vehicle under conditions involving speed and sudden turning. However, certain vehicles are more prone to rollover accidents than others. Unfortunately for parents, SUVs are the most deadly. This is due to the SUV’s high center of gravity and structural design, as well as the fact that the roofs of these vehicles are relatively weak. When a rollover occurs, the roof may cave in, causing serious injury to passengers. Weather is often involved in rollover accidents, particularly when drivers fail to compensate for the diminished control they have.

Tire tread separation is often caused by a manufacturing or design defect. For instance, during manufacture there may be inadequate curing of the rubber, contaminants may be present in the steel belts, or adhesives used may fail to hold the various components together. Tire separation often begins slowly, imperceptibly, but if a blow-out occurs the result can be very serious. A tire blow-out at high speed can cause the driver to lose control. In most tread separation cases the manufacturer is liable.

Big rig accidents tend to be very serious, involving multiple vehicles and causing numerous injuries. A fully loaded semi-truck is difficult to stop quickly. When another motor vehicle pulls in front of the truck and blocks it, this can be a recipe for disaster. Other common causes of truck accidents are driver fatigue, improper loading which causes the center of gravity to be too high, poor/improper maintenance, speeding, recklessness, and driver negligence. The big rig company is often held liable in an injury accident, along with the driver.

When a Motor Vehicle Accident Occurs

It is very important for a person who is involved in an accident to get medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you don’t believe you are injured, you should see your doctor. This is because certain conditions do not always manifest themselves until hours, and even a few days after an accident. Make sure also to get the names of any witnesses, along with the names, licenses and insurance information of other involved drivers. Finally, try to take a few pictures with your cell phone camera. These may well prove vital later in support of your accident claim. For legal representation, call The Law Offices of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP to arrange a consultation.

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