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The California Bus Accident Lawyers of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP have represented hundreds of bus injury victims. We have represented clients that were injured while boarding, traveling on, or waiting at a stop for a public, school or chartered bus. Every day, tens of thousands of Californians rely on public transportation to go to and from school, work, shopping and more. Unfortunately, busing accidents do occur. Busing accidents can cause serious injuries due to the lack of safety restraints in most buses and the large number of people being transported in a bus at any given time.

If you or a loved one has been injured while boarding a bus, exiting a bus, traveling on a bus, or waiting on a bus, contact the bus accident lawyers of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP. Our attorneys are experienced in handling bus accidents of all types, including city, school, charter and prison buses. Don’t wait, call 1-800-722-0765 today. One of our skilled bus accident attorneys will provide a free consultation and advise you of your right to compensation for your injuries.

The most common causes for bus accidents are:

Driver Error
Inadequate Driver Training
Outmoded or improperly maintained buses
Hazardous Roadway
Inclement Weather

It is important to contact a bus accident lawyer as soon as possible following an accident. Contact a qualified bus accident attorney at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP to discuss the facts of your case. We will be able to advise you of your rights. Call 1-800-722-0765 now for a free consultation, or complete the contact form on this page. Our attorneys never collect a fee, unless a recovery is made. Contact us today.

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