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The aggressive California Personal Injury Attorneys and SUV Rollover Accident Lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP are here to help you in your time of need, with offices conveniently located throughout Southern California. We represent the victims of serious injuries, including auto, pedestrian, van, and SUV rollover accidents. We have recovered over $75,000,000 on behalf of our personal injury clients. If you or a loved one has been injured in an SUV rollover accident contact an SUV rollover accident lawyer at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP today for superior legal advice and representation.


Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s) are very popular in the United States, with millions being sold each year. Manufacturers and SUV dealers do not inform consumers about all of the risks involved with Sport Utility Vehicles. Many people who purchase these vehicles have no idea that they are putting themselves or their families at risk.

Here are some informative Sport Utility Vehicle statistics:

Sport Utility Vehicles have a high center of gravity that causes it to have such a high risk of rollovers. When SUV drivers are in emergency situations and need quickly to maneuver the vehicle they are in danger of rolling over. But it does not take such a severe situation to cause a rollover. Hitting a guardrail, bumping into a curb, or even driving on loose gravel all put drivers and passengers at risk for a rollover. The effects of SUV rollovers can be devastating. In 2001 over 10,000 people died due to SUV rollover accidents. People who survive SUV rollover accidents must live with long lasting medical conditions, including brain injuries.


For years, churches, schools, businesses, and other organizations have been using 15 Passenger vans as a means of transporting large groups of people and cargo. The vans are able to occupy a driver and fourteen passengers. These vans have been deemed unsafe, and many have been recalled in recent years. Although 15 passenger vans makeup only 0.25% of vehicles on the road, they are involved in a higher amount of rollovers than cars and family sized vans. The majority of 15 passenger vans have been manufactured by Dodge and GMC, although Dodge discontinued the manufacturing of these vehicles in 2002.

The following is 15 passenger van information and statistics:

15 passenger vans are a serious problem that has been ignored by rental agencies and car dealerships. Many people still are unaware of the dangers associated 15 passenger vans. The rear end of these vans may extend over four feet past the rear wheels that adds to the vehicles risk of fishtailing and/or rolling over. 15 passenger vans are known to be top heavy vehicles, which along with large amounts of cargo is a dangerous combination. When the van has reached maximum occupancy and has been loaded up with cargo, it has a greater possibility to rollover because the center of gravity has shifted. The operator of the vehicle may also lose control of the van in the event of emergency maneuvering.

Unfortunately, almost 20% of all auto accident deaths result from rollover accidents. There are three causes of defective automobiles in a rollover accident:

1.    Vehicle Instability: When a car or SUV is inherently defective in its design that it is unstable and cannot withstand rolling over on a flat pavement. That is instability.
2.    Roof Crush: Were the individuals in the car or SUV should not have suffered crash injuries due to a collapsing roof or resulting from a rollover. We analyze the roof strength and the material used by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, many manufacturers save money by not using the strongest materials on the roof of the auto, pickup or SUV.
3.    Occupant ejection: Many times, an ejection will cause a death or serious injury. It could often be prevented by an adequate restraint system and adequate reinforced safety glass on all side and rear windows. This is the same type of glass found in the front windshield.

When we see a case with a rollover, we investigate it from the standpoint of vehicle instability, roof crush and occupant ejection if relevant. Of course, we also look at the tires and possible seat belt failure or collapse as well as many other defects which we will analyze.

If we take your rollover crashworthiness case, we will preserve and acquire your automobile in a protective storage facility. We will not allow the auto insurance company to take the car and sell it as salvage. We will not ever settle with the driver. We will make the driver go to trial with the manufacturer so that there is no empty chair for the manufacturer to attack at trial;

Of course, we have the best experts and specialists who investigate and evaluate every case.

These are some of the things that we do in rollover defect cases causing serious injury. If this has happened to you or a loved one, please contact us by completing the email inquiry on the right or call us at 1-800-722-0765.

Since we are contingency lawyers, we will pay for everything until we obtain a recovery for you. If we do not obtain a recovery, you never owe us anything for our costs, expenses or fees – no exceptions – not one penny.

Remember, there are time limits you must follow to make a timely claim. Call today. Do not delay.



In every auto or truck or motorcycle accident we investigate involving a serious injury or death we will look at issues of whether or not a dangerous product was involved. In order to do so, we analyze the following: Was there a defect? Is there causation? Did the defect cause the accident and injuries?

Most motor vehicle dangerous product cases we investigate involve fires, detread tires and related tire failures, rollovers, crashworthiness (when the roof crushes when the car rolls over), seat belt systems failure, air bag system failure, window failure, seat back failure, and various computer monitoring electronic failures.

If we find something which may be a defect we will evaluate if the driver was going at an unnecessarily high speed, what was the speed, were they driving recklessly, drugs and alcohol involved, inattentiveness due to cell phone use, texting, etc.

We obtain all reports from the paramedics, fire department, highway patrol, police, etc.

Inspect the vehicle. This is the most important. We must do this as quickly as possible. We inspect and photograph the vehicle and, if necessary, we will arrange to purchase a vehicle for use in the case.

We will send an expert accident reconstructionist to inspect the vehicle and photograph everything for us. We will preserve the vehicle. It is extremely important in this type of cases.

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