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Hazardous Roadways

With over 21 million licensed drivers in the State of California, we need to maintain the quality of our roadways and provide safe streets and freeways. California continues to develop its roads and freeways year round to keep up with the growing number of drivers and to provide access to newly constructed shopping centers, sports venues, businesses, and schools.

There are many hazardous roadway conditions that will put drivers and passengers at risk while traveling. Following, lists some of the hazards:

The California Department of Transportation’s Division of Maintenance is responsible for maintaining the road conditions throughout the state. They have standards they must reach and regulations that they must follow regarding roads.


The California Personal Injury Lawyers of Nadrich & Cohen handles every kind of auto-related injury cases. Their auto accident lawyers just resolved a case of an individual who was in an accident caused by a large stretch of black ice on a city road. As a result of the black ice the victim’s car slide into opposite lanes and collided with another vehicle head on. Client suffered severe injuries including multiple fractures and a mild head injury necessitating surgeries. We argued that the negligent design of the road committed the formation of black ice that is a known hazard to motorists. We showed that the roadway design caused water to drain into a depression in the road and that lack of proper drainage caused the water to be pooled and sprayed and spread out across the road by passing traffic were exposed to form black ice. The condition had been in existence for many years. We proved it by the cracking in the asphalt from the water buildup. We showed that the black ice caused our client to lose control of his vehicle and that he could not see and did not know there was ice on the road until his car was skidding and sliding sideways. Case settled for confidential settlement.

We have done black ice cases throughout California and nationwide on behalf of, pedestrians and autos usually in the winter time including pedestrians walking on city sidewalks tripping and falling causing serious injuries from black ice. If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries from the formation of black ice please contact us. We know how to succeed in these cases against homeowners, commercial landowners and municipal cities. Please contact us at 800-722-0765.

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