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We have had cases against trucking companies where during the course of litigation of a personal injury the trucking company files for bankruptcy.

Once we receive Notice of the Bankruptcy, we immediately file a Claim in the Bankruptcy proceeding. When this occurs, we immediately bring in our bankruptcy co-counsel. We register for eFiling. We move for an Order for Relief from the Stay so we can move forward with our personal injury case against the trucking company. We will obtain consent by an Order from the Bankruptcy Court. After we obtain relief from the Bankruptcy Automatic Stay to allow our personal injury case to proceed to judgment we get a judgment against the trucking company and then move in the Bankruptcy court to first recognize the judgment and second to order the trucking company’s insurer to assume full responsibility for paying the judgment.

Of course, we also find out if the trucking company is self-insured. Many of the larger trucking companies are self-insured. We will determine what insurance coverage is available for our client. We will enforce the judgment based on the insurance contract which the trucking company had before the Bankruptcy – all in the Bankruptcy Court.

As you can see, our law firm has extensive knowledge of Bankruptcy Law and the ability to respond quickly to any Bankruptcy filing in order to deal with all the Bankruptcy issues and continue our client’s action in State court to obtain a judgment and collect the judgment for our client. We know what to do.

Unfortunately, in this recession trucking companies often file for bankruptcy. We are prepared for this possibility. If you are a victim of a trucking accident or have a trucking accident claim and want a very experienced law firm that has handled hundreds of trucking cases or where the trucking company has filed for bankruptcy please contact us immediately. You can contact us at 800-722-0765 or complete the email inquiry on the right. We handle serious injury or fatality trucking accidents throughout the country from coast to coast.

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We offer truck accident lawyers for cases involving pickups, tankers, semis, tow trucks, garbage trucks, and more. From small truck mishaps to fire truck accidents, our truck accident attorneys have handled cases involving trucks both big and small. If you’ve been injured let Nadrich and Cohen take your case.

Truck accident cases are a specialty at Nadrich and Cohen. Our truck accident attorneys can handle a variety of cases involving:

Whether the truck that hit you was big or small, you owe it to yourself to have California’s finest truck accident lawyers on your side.

From fire truck accidents to mishaps involving semis, garbage trucks, tow trucks and more, the truck accident attorneys of Nadrich and Cohen are old hands at handling truck accident cases. No accident is too big for our truck accident lawyers to handle, and if you’ve sustained injuries in a truck related accident, please consult with us.

Truck accident cases can include pick-up truck, tanker accidents, fire truck accidents and more. At Nadrich and Cohen, our truck accident attorneys are prepared for all of these scenarios and more. Protect your rights by handing your case over to our experienced truck accident lawyers.

We do our very best in the case of a tractor trailer to focus on the ECM data, which is the information collected in the truck’s black box under the hood. The black box is a recording device that has been included in commercial trucks for the past 20 years. If working correctly, it records the trucks operation data, including speed, the time period for which the truck was driven, the engines revolutions per minute and any sudden deceleration data. We fight very hard to obtain the black box from the trucking companies insurance company.

We make sure that the black box data is downloaded to one of our systems as soon as possible.

In a multiple death accident, the California Highway Patrol prepares what is called a MAIT (Multi-Disciplinary Accident Investigation Team) report to determine liability. We will obtain the report the day it is released. If there is any security camera, we will locate it and make sure we collect and analyze the data for our client. We will make certain that evidence of lighting and roadway configuration is preserved in the event the timed lights (Green, Yellow, or Red light) or the roadway become altered, removed, or replaced.

We go out immediately and interview all eyewitnesses. We make certain that the eyewitness accounts are not inconsistent with each other.

Remember, the trucking companies and their insurance companies send lawyer-directed emergency response teams to the scene of a catastrophic accident or an accident involving significant injuries. We will do the same if you hire the serious injury lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen. Allow us to level the playing field so that you can have your own emergency response team at the accident scene to make sure everything is done correctly. Your team needs to compile all the evidence for you so that you or a loved one can obtain the maximum recovery possible.

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