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Automobile accidents can be devastating, particularly when a long convalescence is necessary. Even worse is when a loved one dies as a result of a moment’s inattention. Perhaps what is most disturbing and tragic about car accidents is that in all but a few instances they could easily be avoided. Setting down that cell phone, slowing one’s speed to that of other traffic, and simply keeping a keen eye on the road ahead can all contribute to safer roads. If you are unfortunate enough to become an injury victim in a car crash it is important that you have a legal professional in your corner. The attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide you with the highest quality legal representation in your claim.

Common Causes of Crashes

The causes of car crashes are nearly as many as there are accidents, but a handful of causes tend to be among the most common. These include:

  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol: With all the information available today on the dangers of drinking and driving there simply is no excuse for a person getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Many thousands of victims have lost their lives over the years at the hands of drunk drivers.
  • Driving at an excessive speed: In California speeding is treated seriously, and for good reason. Increased speed correlates with an increased danger of an accident, and more serious injury if an accident occurs.
  • Driving a poorly maintained car: A car that is not kept in good repair can become an accident hazard. For instance, if the car’s alignment is off it can cause the wheels to swerve upon braking. A related problem is when a car is repaired but with a part that proves to be defective.
  • Driving on a damaged road or in unsafe weather conditions: Inclement weather can be dangerous to drive in. Also, if the surface of the road is damaged it increases the potential for loss of control, and therefore an accident.
  • Driving while distracted: Drivers increasingly seem to engage themselves in activities while driving that take away from their focus. Distracted driving includes eating, drinking, reading, carrying on a conversation, listening to loud music, becoming angry with other drivers, texting and calling with a cell phone.

All of these causes of accidents can be summarized with one word: carelessness. A careless driver is a hazard on the road.

Statistics on Car Crashes

One average nearly 10 million motor vehicle accidents occur every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2012 over 45,000 people lost their lives in automobile accidents on our nation’s roads, and fully 2.1 million suffered injury. In the City of Hayward four people died in auto accidents in 2011, one of whom was killed by a drunk driver.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney if You Are Injured in a Car Crash

If you suffered injury in a car accident that was caused by someone else it is in your best interests to obtain legal representation. An attorney at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP will discuss your case and tell you whether you are likely to be able to recover damages. If so, we will work with the insurance company in order to obtain fair compensation for your medical costs, lost work time, pain, suffering, and more. Call us today to arrange a consultation.

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