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The incidence of serious car accidents in cities across the country is very high, and Modesto is no exception. As one of the larger cities in California and the county seat, Modesto is bustling with cars, especially during morning and afternoon rush hour. Heavy traffic combined with weary and frustrated drivers anxious to get to work or home is a prescription for car accidents.

We at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP are dedicated to helping clients who suffer injury in car accidents through no fault of their own to gain the compensation they need to get on with their lives. A car accident lawyer with our firm brings over 25 years of experience to fighting for clients’ rights.

Car Accident Reports

Fatal car accidents are unfortunately an altogether too common occurrence. In Stanislaus County alone during the past decade an average of 74 individuals lost their lives each year in car crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nationwide over 30,000 people die annually. Of these, about half are passengers. It should come as no surprise that alcohol consumption plays a part in 31% of these deaths. The rate of injury is just as grim. Approximately 3 million individuals are injured in car accidents each year, many of whom are not ever able to fully recover.

Causes of Car Accidents

When a person thinks of car accidents, speed contests, erratic driving, and unlicensed drivers may initially come to mind. However dangerous each of these factors can be in causing car accident injuries, more commonly driver negligence is to blame. Among the most common causes of accidents, then, are the following:

What Can Be Done

Car injuries can be very serious. A motorist can suffer lacerations, broken bones, crushed organs, spinal injury, and even trauma to the head. A brain injury can leave a victim permanently diminished either intellectually or physically. In some cases a victim may never be able to work or engage in everyday activities again.

Immediately following a car accident, a motorist should get the other driver’s information and then file a police report. He should then seek medical attention, even if no injury is apparent. Certain types of injury are not immediately apparent, and may even manifest themselves days or weeks after the accident. If the accident was due to another’s negligence, the victim should seek legal help in order to recover damages.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP

The attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP have over 25 years of experience successfully representing clients who have been injured in car accidents due to another’s negligence. We will fight for you and help you gain compensation for your medical bills, lost income, scarring, pain, suffering and more. Our Modesto office is located on the corner of Coffee Road and E. Rumble Road in downtown. If you are traveling to our office by bus take Bus 32.

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