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Automobiles have become so integral to our daily lives that it is difficult to imagine there was a time when they didn’t exist. As useful and convenient as cars are, they come with one significant drawback: car crashes. Automobile accidents are a very serious matter. They are much more frequent than you may imagine, and when an accident occurs the likelihood of injury is high. If you have been injured in a car crash it is important that you work with a personal injury attorney. Nadrich & Cohen, LLP has a long record of successfully representing clients in car accident claims.

Car Accident Causes and Statistics

An automobile accident may occur from any number of causes. Indeed, there are some accidents for which no cause is ever ascertained. It may be in some of those cases that a driver became distracted while smoking when a live ash fell from his cigarette onto his leg or the car seat. Smoking is, indeed, one of the factors that fall under a more general category of driver distractions. A driver’s attention may drift from the traffic before him for just a moment due to one of the following, but that moment can be enough to cost a person his or her life:

The latter distraction, talking and texting, has developed fairly recently but has become a serious problem in spite of legislation rendering it illegal. Other significant causes of car accidents are speeding, following too close behind another vehicle, side-swiping another car, driving under the influence, and many more.

The statistics bear out the fact that car accidents are a major danger today. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that in 2012 there were nearly 10 million vehicular accidents reported by law enforcement. 96% of these involved automobiles. One fifth of these accidents led to injury, and over 21,000 vehicle occupants died. Statistics from the database in Walnut Creek show that city-wide there were four fatalities in car accidents in 2010, two of which were caused by drunk drivers. What is particularly tragic about nearly all car accidents is that they need not occur at all.

What Your Attorney Can Do for You

Car accident cases can be very complex. Even if your case is fairly straightforward you will likely find that the defendant’s insurance company is less than enthusiastic about offering you fair compensation for your injuries, lost work time, pain, suffering, car repairs, etc. Few claimants are up to the task of fighting with a large insurance company with plentiful resources and a bevy of defense attorneys at their beck and call. Give your case the best chance of an optimal outcome by hiring a personal injury attorney at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP. We will conduct a full investigation of your case, interview witnesses, prepare the Demand, and negotiate with the insurance company. If litigation becomes the only option and your case has a fair chance of success we will represent you in court.


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